Become A Sponsor

Interested in sponsoring the rootinest tootinest podcasting extravaganza known as PodtoberFest?

Want to promote your site, show or thing? We’ve got a few ways you can do just that.

Ads are sold in “30 minute slots” – only your ad/promo gets that half hour – for $60.

Purchasing multiple slots gets you a bulk rate of $50 each.

Each “slot” will get you:

  • ONE (1) on air 30 second promo either provided by you or a prerecorded promo by one of our talented hosts.
  • Your logo on promotional graphics for the hour(s) you’re sponsoring.
  • You will be included in promotional tweets for the hour you are sponsoring and others.
  • That promo lives on in perpetuity when these “hours” are released as 7 Days of Geek “30 Days of Podcasting” starting November 1st and beyond.

To sponsor, or for any additional information, please contact or @PodtoberFest on Twitter.

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