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Saturday October 7th, 2017

Wake up with the geeks. We’ve some odd news, funny bits and balloons. You like balloons?
By the 2nd hour of the Morning Show, the boys should be awake and AMPed up.
The morning show that just won’t quit!
Four hours deep so it’s time for a Wiki Wiki Whaa-Nooner
Now you’re listing to Podcasting 101 with Jay the angry ginger.
Can’t get enough of a good thing? FANTASTIC! We got more Podcasting 101 coming at you.
It’s time to stuff or eyes, ummm ears, with some Bingeables! What are Bingeables? Listen and find out. DAH! How are you going to learn anything if you don’t listen? Seriously.
Feel that burning sensation? You should get that checked out but do it later ‘caus now it’s time for BATMAN films that almost were.
Time to talk trailers. Typically, trash talk too. Tune in today!Okay,
I’ve got it out of my system.
Just to be clear, this is Soundtrack of OUR Lives.
Your soundtrack may differ. Why don’y you clue us in to why yours is better than ours!
Okay. Who’s having fun? Show of hands. Your probably not doing it – right? I don’t know why I even bother.
Just Star Wars. That’s it. That’s all. We hope you don’t have a problem with that!
You like podcasts. We like podcasts. It’s like we’re related or something. We are just one big fam! Some a little bigger than others but that’s ok. We don’t judge.
Still family. Still not judging.
That’s Ask Cole. I know it’s late and I know what you were thinking but stop it. This is a wholesome PodtoberFest.

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