What is PodtoberFest?

It all started with an off hand comment on 7 Days A Geek. A joke, really. And within months a live 7DAG podcast dedicated to geekery and goofery was broadcasting for 24 hrs straight over the internet for all the world to hear. It was dubbed “PodtoberFest” and the world has not been the same. Since that first big show, the actual concept of PodtoberFest has solidified and grown, becoming a broader, more inclusive event. The 2016 edition not only has a new format and new content, it also has new voices.

Beginning at 8AM EST on Friday October 7th, we’ll be podcasting geek and pop culture related topics, games, trivia, bits and skits. Each hour has it’s own separate plan! Running until 8PM EST, it’s 12 hours of comedy laced nerd content!

The very next morning, Saturday October 8th at 9AM, we bring you even more! Yes, that’s right, another 12 HOURS of hi-jinks from podcasters you know focused on all the things you love about movies, television, comic books, music and MORE! See our schedule for a full breakdown!

That 24hrs of content over two days! And it’s ALL FREE! We’ll be broadcasting at Mixlr.com/monkey-poo-studios/ where you can join in the chat to interact with us and other listeners! Sign up now to get alerts whenever that account goes on air!

Why PodtoberFest?

Because we like a challenge or perhaps we’re crazy. You listen and decide which is more plausible. But above all we wanted to get together with our Podcasting friends and family to do something special for you, the listeners.

Who Are We? Where Did We Come From?

During that inaugural PodtoberFest, a writer’s room of sorts was birthed which included the show hosts and a group of close friends and weirdos. After the success of PF2015, this collective was dubbed “Shumway” and since then, we have added to our ranks, even more talented individuals.


The Angry Ginger
Podcast Addict, Writer, Idea man, Dreamer, Blogger, Multiple Plate Spinner, Pop Culture Lover, Father of 5, Perpetual Loser of Love, Jumper of Sharks, Never Nude, and Faithful Browncoat.

7 Days A Geek
Podcasting 101

Cole Brevis

aka Neighbor Cole
Super Dad and father of 2, purveyor of fine Craft beverage, shank of beef consumer, reader, lover of cinema, Spirit Animal of a Bear, laugher, lover, persona that personable to most persons, laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.


A guy doing stuff, sometimes, in different places at different times. In my extra time, I like to do things and junk but mostly not. At night, I like to watch other people doing stuff.

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